Kaldi Coffee is located in the heart of Wimbledon’s vibrant town centre, next to the main line train station.


The name, Kaldi, originates from the goat herder whose discovery of the berries gave the world the taste of coffee.


We strive on our independent status, allowing us to cater for our customers tastes and we are not bound by the common standard offerings available in all coffee chains.

We pride ourselves by knowing our guests by their name or at very least by their regular order.


With many years of barista experience our aim is to deliver great coffee every time.


Our deli counter enables us to stand out from the crowd.


Whether it is a bacon bagel, chicken escalope focaccia, a classic bean and cheese jacket potato or halloumi avocado salad, every dish is made fresh in front of you.

Our catering also extends to free delivery of freshly made platters to order.

Join us and become part of the Kaldi community.


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